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Later on, in 1778 the credit to the farmers appeared, and the Mercy of Lisbon was the first to grant this type of loans. However, only later, in 1911, after the implantation of the Republic, would the Agricultural Credit in Portugal be born, whose activities were only effectively defined in 1914.

From 1974 a movement of autonomy of the existing Boxes appeared, that made them expand its implantation and extend its activity, with a model of development of the mutual agricultural credit very similar to the one that already existed in other European countries.


Agricultural Credit Boxes 


Agricultural Credit Boxes 

All this movement would result in the creation, in 1978, of the National Federation of Mutual Agricultural Credit Boxes (FENACAM), whose main mission was the support and representation, national and international, of its associates. The 1980s were moments of significant expansion of Crédito Agrícola.

In 1984, the Caixa Central was set up and, henceforth, in 1987, the Mutual Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund (FGCAM) was created, in which all the Associated Boxes participate. In 1994, Grupo CA decided to enhance its portfolio of financial products and services, which led to the birth of CA Gest, a company specializing in the Management of Investment Funds, and Rural Seguros, currently known as CA Seguros – Seguradora Não Vida.

Also in the context of this valuation, five years later, Crédito Agrícola Vida emerged, currently CA Vida – Seguradora do Ramo Vida. It would now be CA Consult’s turn to the financial advisory area.

Meanwhile, Crédito Agrícola would become standardized in 1998 on a single computer platform for Associated Boxes.

In 2004, Grupo Crédito Agrícola began an internal revolution that led to the implementation of a series of technological modernizations to better respond to the needs of its clients. Soon after these changes were when the rural matrix of this bank began to effectively transform into an urban reality. In 2006, a Modernization Program was implemented.

The key message of Crédito Agrícola – A Group next to people – is then incorporated into a new communication and a new corporate image.

2011 was the year of commemoration of the 100 years of activity of this financial institution and in 2013 it adopts a new signature: “The National Bank with Local Pronouncement” – which reflects a close proximity of the bank to its clients.

In turn, the Crédito Agrícola received several awards and distinctions in the areas of banking, insurance and investment funds. In 2016, it was marked the year of the inauguration of the first Agricultural Credit Agency in Madeira, namely in the city of Funchal.